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If Vacation is Never In Your Vision after retirement. Skip This. You Are Wasting Your Prime Years

09 Jul 2021 Real Estate Investments

60 Years Vision

Have you ever envisioned your life when you are 60? When all your children will have finished school and none will be depending on you financially? They will all be working or will have started their businesses and doing well.

Most likely, you would have built your family house. At 60, the children will be over 18yrs and probably would have moved out and settled elsewhere. Imagine you only the two of you will be left in that big house.

From research, this is the time most couples get the opportunity to go on vacation. Most couples go for holidays on Kenyan coastal beaches, especially in Mombasa. Mombasa boasts of the best national parks, marine parks, and historical sites.

Why Your Dream Vacation May Just Remain a Pipe Dream

Going on vacation has always remained a dream for most + 60 year’s couples because;

  • They didn’t plan well during their working years by taking cheap advantage of the available opportunities either because they didn’t know or sheer ignorance.
  • Costly hotels’ accommodation rates.

If you have read up to this point, it seems you may be following the same path, which you will regret at that age too?

However, you don’t have to worry. Bino Homes is here to guide you through and offer the best future investment opportunities and solutions.

Why Mombasa?

Mombasa has and will always be the best local holiday destination for most Kenyans. This is due to its warm weather,cool breezes, safety as well as clean public and private beaches. Besides,  Mombasa boasts of fish and animal parks and friendly people. Hence,owning a house or land within its vicinity is your best bet.

We can guarantee you a comfortable and cost-free vacation now as you look down to your retirement. How?

Available Cheap Opportunities

Several estate towns are developing fast in Mombasa. Additionally, the price of land is affordable for committed investors. The three best towns to own land are;


In a nutshell, MARIAKANI andKILIFIplots(50 by100)are selling for 350-400k inclusive of the title. With a commitment deposit, you can have an arrangement for installment payment.

VIPINGO - The new Nyali is the most ambient destination. The area is zoned and thus has different housing typologies for different zones. Some are single-dwelling zones while others are multi-dwelling zones.  In addition, the area has sufficient social amenities (golf clubs, mall, hospital) and proper drainage systems. Price ranges from 800k-1.5M for 50 by 100.

How Is Buying a Plot Now Related To your Vacation?

  1. Accommodation expenses

Assuming you are in your 30s. This means that you have at least 30 years to hit 60. You can start planning for your vacation now. This will save you a lot of accommodation expenses. For instance, the current cost for a two-bedroom hotel is 15K inclusive of breakfast. Just think of expected costs within 30 years, particularly with the current effects of inflation. Do you think you will have the capacity to afford accommodation?

       2. Rent out the house to AIR BnB or Booking.com

This has been a lucrative business in Mombasa. One bedroom per night goes for an average of 2k. You can either put up a cottage or a brick house. This guarantees you income throughout the years when you are not occupying the house. We as Bino Homes real estate agents can help you manage and get clients as well as maintain your house in good condition when you are away.

       3. Security

Most likely, a land worth 350k now will be worth millions in 20years. From statistics and historical land appreciation data, the land will be valued at more than 10M. Which investment can yield such amounts of returns?

Land can also be used as security for bank financing. No need to look for guarantors or exposing your financial statements to the public.

      4. Rentals

Within those 20yrs, these locations will be the prime destinations as the town grow bigger and become expensive for tenants. Living far from the town brings tranquility due to less noise and population. You can develop rentals on part of the land or develop a Vacation House. Kill two birds with one stone. To make it easier for you, we as BINO HOMES have arrangements with financial institutions that help landlords develop their land, using Rent for Loans’ installment payments.


You may have witnessed children lament what their fathers were doing when other people were investing in land during their prime years. They simply failed to take the available opportunities when land prices were cheap.

Nothing hurts more than remembering you lost an opportunity that you can’t take back and more so that you could have afforded it. Such regrets are because you were reluctant to take that first bold step.

At Bino Homes, we offer you cheap and prime properties.


  • Buy now at Mariakani at 300k and save 80k. Offer ends soon( PHASE 4)
  • Get free beautification trees for free valued 10k
  • Free property insurance for one year for value up to 1M

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Don’t let your children ask you hard questions in the future