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08 Aug 2021 home cleaning

Unfortunately, we live in a demanding world. It’s no more a man responsibility to provide for the family without wife bringing her share on the table. Family financial responsibilities are shared between them as agreed contrary to the tradition.

As it is the dream of every family to have children, they come with their new benefits and challenge in equal measures. In past, it was the responsibility of a woman to raise the kid while father provide. Wife Instil behaviour, guide children in their day to day work, teach then simple skills like cleaning, cooking and person health etc.

But in the modern times, a woman has many responsibilities such as daily job from 8-5 same as husband. This force the family employ a 4th person to cater for the 3rd and the whole family.


Where All Family Go Wrong

Some of general qualifications for a house maid are always uneducated, school drop or a class eight graduate who hails from ' shags '. One not familiar with town activities but ability to cook is a mandatory.

But why chose from least while both husband and wife may be having higher educated. The irony is that the most educated employ the least educated to raise their kid. They want to use cheap while expecting more and eventually paying less.

Value of a Maid

The general believe is that, a maid should be the least paid person in any economy. This is because, their value are delivered solely from level of their education. 

The ways they are treated is more or less than animals. They are given more and more load of house work, look at the kid all the time and also wife and husband. They are not supposed to air their views in the family. Above all, husband is not supposed to have a direct contact with her. In some family, a husband is not supposed to have her number. That's how low family value them yet they take care of whole family

But a million dollars questions is, why do people tend to value maid by what they possess (little education) instead of value they deliver (their productivity).

I.e. their lack of education is equated to less value; but we have to be objective from now henceforth. When you look at their job requirements above, education is never part of the requirement yet is used to calculate their worth.

To any family, a maid is a person who does 90% wife works and has almost 100% qualities wife possess. Why do I say so, when a man is looking for a wife, there are key qualities like how to raise good family he look at. And in context to a maid who will be given responsibilities of children must have almost qualities the wife possesses because wife will be delegating her responsibilities to the maid.

But someone will argue, we employed those uneducated ladies and our kids have great character and excel. Do u know why? Human beings make mistake by associating education with intelligence and assigning value. This is wrong. Their lack of education doesn’t mean they are incapable and don't take your good kid behaviour for granted because;

1. They raise good kid because their lack of education lowers their chances of getting better job so what they have is best they can get hence give their best

2. What they teach your kids are characters which their parents have already taught them and character don’t have a direct relation on the level of education.

3. The reason they didn't manage to get education may have been caused by family financial incapability and not dependent of maid bad character.

Imagine the above explained person, who take care of you and your children and she has liberty to do all harm to all of you but she doesn't. Today, understand that she doesn't do harm because of those 6-8k you give her, but because they are people of character. Treat them with respect like human beings.


Value of Wife in a Family

For  a family with a maid, intrinsic value of wife in relation to whole family reduce  significantly but she get rewarded more in the same family. You maintain her, pay hundred in dowry, unending family support yet the one who care, raise and know your kid better is your maid. 

After you have read this, 

  • What value do you give you maid? 
  • Does she deserve more respect from you?
  • Does she need to be consulted in family matters?

In Conclusion,

I want to state research done on "why most men prefer marrying a housewife instead of employing a house maid".

  1. In man's perspective, wife will always raise family kid much better due to their shared beliefs and benefits.
  2. Also, they noted a man can marry uneducated woman if she possess great character just for the sake of the children and education is relatively insignificant to a man when looking for a wife
  3. Also, men tend to sleep with maid who has close connection with the kids. This is because the strongest connection to a man comes through children. 

Unfortunately, we know none of you will pay their maid almost same as wife, but from today henceforth understand the unquantifiable value maid brings to your family can't be compensated with any sum of money. Just treat her like human being and if you can, ask her opinions when making major family decision because she is the one who implement them.

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