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How a Mombasa Holiday homes Agent Made Me Lose the Love of My Life

25 Sep 2021 holiday homes

Campus Dream Girl

There was this lady Felister I kept hunting for years during my University days. She was light skin medium size with amazing blue eyes. Every time I would approach her, she would snub me and all my efforts. She claimed that she had a tall, dark, and caring boyfriend whom she can’t afford to mess with because of me. In contrast, I was slim, dark as a pot, and with wasted muscles.

However, my biggest weakness was that whenever I laid my eyes on her, my heart couldn’t stop beating faster. I would feel the blood flowing in every part of my body. A smile on my face would come out effortlessly.

After several attempts with no success, I decided to come up with a strategy. A winning strategy for that matter. I used to wonder, am I such a losing jerk with my below par approach or was her boyfriend treating her better than I ever promised?

Trojan horse Strategy

First, I had to understand her boyfriend like I knew how gears fit each other in my engineering course. Both his weak and strong points. I befriended him although we never took the same course. I came to realize that the guy had some side chick. This hurt me like hell. I failed to understand how the guy could cheat on such a beautiful lady. I had to think on how to utilize that important information to my advantage without creating enmity with the guy.

It was 2 weeks to the exam period. In our Engineering course, we would complete our exams three days after the rest of the students had completed theirs. As I recall, it was the Friday of 15th February and his boyfriend had a date with the side chick in his room.

I called Felister through private mode as I didn’t want to expose my identity. Moreover, she had refused to give me her number earlier. How I obtained the number is a story for another day. I faked a distressful different voice and advised her to go to her boyfriend’s room as there was an emergency. I knew ‘lazima kingeumana’. That was my evil goal anyway.

My Winning Fight

The ‘Hutu’ and “Tus” fight that was experienced in that room is a giant story for another day. Even ‘koffi annan’ of that day; house keeper couldn’t mediate between the two. My end goal was they part ways for me to win over Felister.

I met Felister the following day during the lunch hour. From the smile I got from her that day, I knew all was well. In Greek they say, “Thiga niarua”. It was my time to take the mantle. It seemed like my second birthday and a healing day from vesicle Cadillac love problems.

From that day we met severally and sometimes had lunch together. Within no time, I was her boyfriend. She used to narrate to me the things she loved or hated from her ex-boyfriend. I would add salt into the fresh wound by showing and wondering how he could treat her in such a disrespectful manner. After exams, I proposed to take her for a holiday in Mombasa using my remaining little HELB money. She accepted my offer although I knew the money wasn’t enough. After all “mwanaume ni kujiamini”

The Good Part

I went online and searched for good holiday homes agents or cheap hotels as I couldn’t afford the costly high-class hotels. I searched from Facebook real estate groups.Luckily, I got one that met my minimal requirements. A studio for Ksh.1,500 in Bamburi. I contacted the agent and he promised to reserve it for us the day we will land in Mombasa. He asked for two night’s deposit. I sent via MPESA without hesitating. I felt happy and relaxed as I would be taking my dream girl to Mombasa. Besides, it was the first trip in my entire life.

When the day came, we traveled over the night. I had all the good imaginations of how the following day would be like. I couldn’t close my eyes all night. I just gazed at her sleeping. “I’m the luckiest man on earth”, I thought to myself. The bus stopped at Mtito Andei for passengers to take some bites.

Earlier, I hadn’t seen people using green coconut shell to drink water. I thought it is a stylish way of packaging drinking water. To show her am of class and romantic, I bought two for us for our way to Mombasa. I later came to know it is called “Madafu”.

The Bad Part

After taking the coconut water, it tasted different. I didn’t want to look stupid but I concluded that coastal water tastes that way because of urine from many ocean fish and people who go to swim naked. I heard from stories that in beach there are no toilet. Within no time, I started experiencing stomach problems. I suspected something was wrong with the Madafu. Felister too felt the same but didn’t disclose it to me. I came to learn of it later.

We arrived by six in the morning. Everyone had a running stomach. Wish you would see us scrambling for toilets’ spaces like mad goats. The seller of the Madafu will not in any way see heaven.

The Worst Part

We took a tuk tuk to Bamburi and met the agent. As we talked, I noticed he wasn’t as confident as he earlier seemed on the phone. He took us to our designated room and gave us the keys. He hurriedly left. The house seemed different from the one posted on Facebook. The room was so hot to a point I wondered whether when the sun set, comes to sleep at coast waters so that in the following morning it couldn’t be hot. The room was not nicely tiled. The toilet was leaking. Nonetheless, we didn’t have an option. The mistake was already done!

After two minutes, she sprang and headed to the toilet. From the sound that came out from that toilet, like a real grenade going off, I knew something was very wrong. The coconut water we took must be the source of all the problems. She stayed there for nine minutes. The room lacked tissue paper. I had to run to the nearby shop to purchase some. After she came out, it was my turn.

Surprisingly, the room had also been booked by another person for the night. Remember we arrived in the morning. Although the caretaker came to resolve the dispute, we lacked any supporting evidence for payment as I had deleted my messages.

We were evicted with nowhere to go. I only had the money for our return journey and a little cash to spend on the public beach the following day. I had to use it to get another room. We didn’t talk the whole night. I couldn’t sleep wondering where I will source the cash from.

Final Tragedy

We woke up in the morning by 7.30 a.m. I explained to her my financial situation but she neither listens nor couldn’t understand.She call her parent for help as they thought she was in University. She only had one option left to call David, her ex-boyfriend. I unsuccessfully tried to persuade her that I would find an alternative but that landed on deaf ears. It pricked my heart.

She called David. In no time, a message comes through her phone. It was an MPESA message from David. Now armed with the fare, I begged her to stay but she packed and left. She waved at a tuktuk driver and boarded, leaving me to see with teeth. As a man deep in love, I felt it go down my spine. I lost her plus the money. Nima ngoma ti kahii (for sure Satan is not a small boy).

Thanks to the savior Driver

I had to trek for 2km to Bamburi Cement Company where I was lucky to be offered a ride to Nairobi by one kind driver after I explained my predicament to him. The driver was very talkative. He also informed me that he used to bring his wife to Mombasa once a month for the last two years. Luckily, he had never been scammed.

He narrated to me how Bino Homes has been uniquely and affordably meeting their holiday home accommodation needs. I learned my lesson the hard way. But as they say, experience is the best teacher. I’m now aware of where to seek accommodation whenever in Mombasa.

Thanks to the kind driver for coming through during the time of need. I may have lost Felister, but see you soon Bino Homes! With the love of my life!

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