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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bino Homes

To Agents

  • Bino homes it’s a free online platform which assist Mombasa real estate agents to showcase their available vacant houses/properties/land in their location/estates. All properties are categorized according to location, price and type of the house /property.
  • With this platform, it will assist agents reduce time taken to find client for their available houses/properties because after they post ,we make them available to all interested people in your area at no fee. We offer a simple and easy way to connect with your customer by bridging those gaps
  • All your post are connected with social media so you or client who have been interested with your post can share your properties to groups or friends. Also agents post are connected to agent whatsApp and phone number to help customer connect to them direct and fast.
  • It’s a free platform and agent can post as many properties as possible. This helps agent increase their income from viewing fees and percentage they get from house agent. This is because you get many customers because of their convenience and wide range of customer base coverage.
  • It reduce amount of time taken to find customer because client don’t need to move from estate to estate looking for agent or available houses because they can contact agents at their convenience.
  • Agent are able to market their work to wide range of people hence they are able to stamp their authority in their specific areas. This will make them the preferred agent in those location.
  • Agents earn trust. Many clients have complained of conmen who post on social media group pages that they ended up losing their money. Hence, you being in a trusted platform like Bino Homes, you end up being trusted which it’s a great thing in your agency business at this digital age.

We are looking forward to working together with you to help you grow your business and in case you want any assistance from us, kindly contact us we are always at your service. Thanks in advance

To Clients

  • It help clients reduce time taken when searching for available properties in their preferred areas/estates and they don’t have to move all day looking for what they want
  • Reduce client viewing cost because you will be only visit the only houses/properties that you feel the meet your choice
  • Gives client a wide range of choice to select from hence increasing client satisfaction
  • Trust. The Bino Homes platform has all information about agent i.e. photo , contact numbers, email address to contact them so it create trust  and isolate rogue agent who use groups to con people
  • It will help in price comparison between the availble properties to ensure you get value of your money.

We are looking forward to working together with you to help you meet your housing/property’s needs. In case any assistance, kindly contact us we are always at your service.

Thanks in advance

How to become Bino Homes agent

Visit Bino Homes homepage

Click on the sign up link

Fill in the form

  1. Name-As it will appear on the website and which customer will be referring to you and it will be associated with all your post.
  2. Valid Email Address.-after registering, you will get a confirmation email.so ensure you typed correctly and its working
  3. Phone Number- Its will be used to contact you and also connected to your WhatsApp for easy communication with your clients
  4. Location- Its assist to fine client search and for easy communication with you
  5. Password-Ensure you put one you can remember. You will be using it anytime you want to log in either to post or see all your listed properties

Confirm the detail before you click register now. Check your email and confirm the email address you have provided it’s valid and working and now you’re good to post your properties.

We are delighted to invite you to become one of trusted Bino Homes Agent and see your income increase through helping people find their perfect home.


How to Post My Properties

Before you can post your houses, you have to first SIGN UP to become Bino Home agent.

Click on sign up and fill the required areas. You will get an email for your verification. After you verify

  1. Visit Bino Homes homepage
  2. Click on the log in link and log in
  3. Go to list your property here
  4. If you want to post land/plot click on add new plot and if you want to post a house click add new house
  5. Fill the all required fields and after confirmation click submit property
  6. After that, click either land or house to add image/photos of the property you want to post


How Can I Make Money Through Bino Homes Platform

Here comes the opportunity for those interested in adding another source of income into their bucket. Mombasa real estate market its one of a kind in Kenya. It creates a lot of job opportunities for real estate agent and real estate freelancers. Bino homes being a real estate platform where agent can show case their properties in Mombasa, gives you wide range of opportunities you can tap to increase your income. You can make it your side hustle or your main source of income.

Everywhere you go or the location you live, there is a possibility you will find a vacant house/shop/go down or available property for rent or sale. And someone somewhere is probably looking for a vacant property like the one you know. Due to lack of information of their availability, Bino homes has come to bridge the information gap where one has a solution to another person problem. Instead of both of you seeing a problem, how can you gain from that? Your solution is Bino homes. It’s a free platform where agent can post houses, plot, shops or any type of property for any interested person to contact you at a fee.

There are two main stream of income you can tap to maximize your income


This is the amount of money you charge to those who are interested with the property you posted on the Bino homes website. Its ranges from 300 to 1000 in respect to type of the house, location or pre agreed charges between agent and the interested party. Any time you take a person to view, they pay you the amount you had agreed. This is usually the main source of income.

So as to maximize your revenue, you need to have a variety of houses in your location. Post as many different vacancy properties. As people have different preferences, also different people will come to view them, making you an income of 300 each time a client visit.


This is the commission tenant pays to the house agent after deciding to rent the house. The amount varies from one agent to another. Some charges the same amount as one month rent while others same as half rent. If you are a freelance agent and you bring a client and rent the house, you are often paid half the agency fee. Suppose you manage to bring one client on board each day. Do the math and see you can earn a lot of money per day and per month. And if it’s a house sale, it is usually paid 5% the value of the house. This is the best area you can make a lot of cash from.

Like any other job, being a real estate agent need commitment, consistency, integrity and above all good customer service. Make one client happy and be sure he/she will bring a friend to you.

Register to be Bino Homes agent and see your income grow like grass